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Alliance Seizure Collab Alliance Seizure Collab

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Lol! Awesome! Loved all of it! Especially the Easter Egg!

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Cold responds:

I put an easter egg in there?

Oh my.

Warrior Boarder 3 Warrior Boarder 3

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Lol, boobs.

I loved it, he was drawn well, animated just as smoothly, the action was great, and it wasn't a waste of time! Just PLEASE. DO ME A FAVOR!!! DO NOT INCLUDE ANYMORE WOMEN. That stupid bitch (not that you made her stupid, although she was noticably poorly drawn and animated in comparison to your main character) was the only part that turned me off about the animation. So please, stick to your awesome action, and stay away from the stupid 'lol boobs'.

SolidSacketh responds:

Haha, thanks. Women are hard to draw dude. At least she was feminine, u know!

Milkshake! Milkshake!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I loved it, but-

Didn't you already have this submitted? I don't see anything different in this from your original? Just a little confused.

MMORPGs in a Nutshell 2 MMORPGs in a Nutshell 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Loved it!

MMORPG's, especially all the new ones floating around today annoy the crap out of me, I don't know if this is what you were trying to bring out, but you did a good job of bringing out all the worst points of MMORPG's, you left out quite a few points, but meh, no biggy. All MMORPG's of today are all the fucking same, it's insane, and it's boring, I do not see how WoW has 60 million subscribers when all it is, is Diablo 3, most of the graphics are incomplete placeholder graphics, most of the others are broken all together, the fact that its end game is about as fun as sucking on a live urchin, and the devs spend more time updating random meaningless shit rather than fixing the problems with the game. Anyway, I'll stop rambling at this point, 5up from me, I'll be watching.

A Random NG User whom you neither know, nor care about.

JubeiSaotome responds:

I agree that WoW is just terrible. Reason why people play it is because Blizzard made it (OMG SO IT MUST BE GOOD LOL) and because everyone else does.

Anomaly Anomaly

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Oh YESGH!!!! Teh creature LUVZ teh BOOBEEZ!!

It'll crush and pass on all the male soldiers shooting at it, but it'll go to the face of a nuclear explosion for another pair of BOOBXZORZ in its collection!

Anyway, I'm just messin' with you, loved your flash, and judging by its score so is everybody else.

Hektexia Hektexia

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hey dude, great flash, but...

Loved the stick animation, as simple as they may be, they're always lots of really nice things you can do with them. You did nice explosion and vibration effects, nice fbf and whatnot, but there's a huge problem here: you forgot to give credit to our own NG Audio Artist Demon_Slayer12! It wouldn't matter so much to me except that the audio portal gets so little attention, and he is a very notable (rated #2 in the Heavy Metal portal) artist. So give him credit, bud! 5up!

A Random NG User whom you neither know, nor care about.

RoflCakes responds:

these are the type of post i like to see! thanks i completely forgot about that. i'll add it now


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Stfu dumbass rockasoo.

Everybody makes such huge assumptions about everything that has some kind of meaning, emotion, or sensitivity. Ugh. Anyway, maybe someday people will wise up and just leave eachother the fuck alone. Aside from that, great flash, although your end note "Thanks to: Fans (if any)" was kinda self-pitiful, which was a slight turn-off, even if unintended or with good intentions because quite obviously you have a lot of fans. Anyway, you have my 5up!

A Random NG User whom you neither know, nor care about.

PS. Anybody who figures this was a flash about an 'emo' person, look again, emo people are characterized by their unjustified self-pity, this was a story with a -happy- ending, NOT a self-gratifying "my life sucks" story. Uncultured douche bags.

Blockhead: Episode 5 Blockhead: Episode 5

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Dude. I love you. I want to have your children.

But aside from that; I'm noticing a slight decline in your series. Before you continue you might want to rewind a bit and relook over your first few episodes. The conscience guy was originally really mysterious, and we didn't know who he was, where he was coming from, or what he was there for, but he was funny shit! Then you revealed that he was actually his conscience, which actually spoiled some of the humor a little bit, but we delt with that, and still are, no catastrophes there. Your intro was absolutely beautiful, you had me out of my chair so fast, and you hadn't even played the Blockhead theme yet! Then, after that, it started to go on a downward slope, just a little bit, your stuff still holds a very unique style and sense to it, you just seem to be drifting from your original track of intention. Anyway, I don't have much more critiquing to give, and I don't really have much assurance that you'll even read this, much less that you'll take any of it into account, but if you do, that's what I'd want you to know most of all. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

A Random NG User whom you neither know, nor care about.

The-Swain responds:

I'm never offended when people say that an episode is not as good as a previous one - that's valuable insight. At least you recognized that it was a little different than previous ones (instead of saying that it wasn't a very good episode at all, which some people have jumped to). Anyway, I can account for why the episode seems different after the title, I think.

So, let's see. I tend to make the episodes in a backward order: first the body of it, and then the intro. I wanted to have the cartoon done by the day I ended up releasing it, so I had to blitz it overnight. I stayed up all night, and then all day working. By 1 PM, I had lost my mind, which is about the time I was writing lines like "paper attack" for the intro. Thus, the intro was the lovechild of me and my sleep-deprived overnight work session.

The body of the cartoon. This I started working on soon after Episode 4. See, making these cartoons is a lot like drinking; right after I've pumped out an new episode, I sit back in my chair, groan, and say "Jesus, I am never making another one of these again." It's tough work! I do them all on my own, usually within two days (the rest of the two weeks between episodes I usually spend writing a new script or lazing around). So, anyway, I started the script for the body of Ep.5 right after finishing Ep.4, when I just wasn't feeling it. I really think it's all timing, and I am REALLY excited about the next big BH release, so that's a good sign.

In any case, I hope you stick around for the next release, which is more of a massive story than an episode. And thanks for the review!

(By the by, now you can have an assurance that I read every review no matter what. I don't respond to all of them because it takes a crazy amount of time to write so many sincere responses. AND, I always seriously consider constructive criticism of any kind. It doesn't mean I take what people suggest as an instruction on how to change my stuff, but instead as a tool to analyze my own work.)

StarCraft 12 Days of XMas StarCraft 12 Days of XMas

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Eh, after seeing so much incorrect content--

I couldn't finish watching it. It made no sense to me that spidermines were speaking to me about an SCV, a deep voiced medic about marines, a guardian about queens, and a lurker about zerglings. You didn't quite fit your grass screenshot into the screen correctly, either. There's a very obvious white line around the edges. Oh well, I don't mean to bash, I just couldn't take anymore.

Warrior_Dragon (SC:BW B.net US West: 2101-750-254)

Minushi - Chapter 4 Minushi - Chapter 4

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Holy shit Minushi owns my ass!!

Not much that can be said to animators of your calibur. Any critique or commentation I have falls upon deaf ears since you probably have no time to read your reviews, or are already too popular to care about them. Anyway, reguardless of all that I am on the verge of crapping myself at how awesome this was... wait... maybe not the verge... um. Excuse me.